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Start from Here!

Dear Divine Beings, It is my great pleasure to have you here in this space.

There are two ways a human can function. One is from the Heart and the other way is from the Head. What do I mean by that? The functioning from the Head is dualistic, full of mental ideas, good-bad, etc.. The functioning from the Heart is non-dualistic and is flowing with the life, with the surrender and trusting the Universe.

It might be impossible to understand the functioning of the Heart, when we are functioning from the Head. It is natural to think - 'How a person can function without a regular thinking and without mental ideas!'.

When there is separation consciousness, when we think ourselves to be separate from the greater whole, it feels as if we have to take a lot of calculated steps to lead a life. But, when we are in the heart, we BECOME part of the whole and the Universe naturally creates a wonderful flow of life, through us. This is the state of Consciousness, that I would like others to experience. Naturally, most of the people move into heart under some circumstances and move back into head. With some Conscious effort, there is a possibility for one to Enter Heart and Function from there.

It does not mean, that one ceases to exist as an individual. The individual realises the greater connection that exists and how one is part of the greater whole. Functioning from Heart, is beyond the duality, ups and downs of emotions, out of concepts, Being In The NOW!

Let this space/energy, open up Your Heart and Get You Established There.. Much Love! Jeyaprakash

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