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Heart Consciousness

Lets make some terms clear, before we go further. So, whats Consciousness in 'my dictionary'? Everything is Consciousness. That which experiences and that which is being experienced is all part of One Consciousness. But then, I feel that the Consciousness/Soul also has the ability to develop some sort of Uniqueness which brings diversity, to the Whole.

Pure Awareness! Whats it? Even before the creation process, before something could be experienced (for which experiencer is required), what IS, is Awareness.

The human experience involves, consciousness/soul experiencing the physical reality, through/being integrated with the physical body.

As I mentioned earlier, there are predominantly two modes of experiencing reality: 1.From Head and 2.From Heart.

There seems to be a possibility of the consciousness/soul to keep different regions as a resting point in the physical body, through which it experiences reality. If it is resting in Ajna/center of the head, the experience of reality is different and if it rests in Anahat/Heart, the life experience that it gives is different.

The duality consciousness or the expression from Head is a common reality for most humans. Everyone would have experienced atleast moments of Heart Consciousness, which is Unity Consciousness. Some get well established in heart and some end up spending more time being in their Head. Some keep shifting between Head and Heart..

Life becomes beautiful when we are in the Heart. It flows with Ease.. it is like the Universe taking care of itself.

How do we move into Heart? First, enhance the spirit/soul's ability to move through the body with ease. How do we do that? The subtle body has to be awakened/prepared so that, it becomes capable of allowing the consciousness to move into the heart. What is subtle body? The subtle body is the invisible part of the body which has the meridians, through which the prana flows. The subtle body is what determines how the physical/mental/emotional body responds/behaves.

How is the subtle body prepared? The subtle body is prepared through practices like sun gazing, kriya pranayama, vipassana, etc.. When the subtle body is prepared enough, the prana flows through sushumna, most of the time. How do you know when the prana is moving through sushumna? When the air is flowing through both the nostrils, know that prana is flowing through sushumna. Once you have reached this stage, you shall start entering deeper states of meditation/peace. Then, connect with Nature/Trees/Earth and allow the Earth to do the rest of the work on You. Your Consciousness naturally moves and rests in the heart. Initially you may shift between head and heart. Gradually, you shall start resting in the heart.

Like preparing the subtle body with the subtle practices, prepare the physical with fasting. Only then the prepared subtle body has the ability to express in best way possible through the physical. The best way to prepare the physical is through fasting. Incorporate one to two days of fasting in a week and it shall bring wonderful results.

Some resources that would help further:

Vipassana: (attending a 10 day program would be effective)
Sun gazing:       
Fasting itself has deeper spiritual benefits, pushing the consciousness into heart. Experiment/explore the practices and see what works for you. Just staying out in Nature on regular basis, might do miracles..

I shall try to update this section depending on the requirement of the others..

Much love!