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The Source ~ That Which does not Animate..
That which is Still and Always Exists.
That which is Before Creation principle comes to force!
That which is Your Core ~ Your Center!

The central region of the circle is the source, from which everything arises and dissolves into.

The outer concentric circles are the mental patterns or the different dimensional realities through which you can participate in the game play of creation and role plays ~ for the sake of experiencing!

The human psyche when is aware of just the outer circles and gets absorbed in the role play, loses the source connection or the center or the Beingness!

We all do have the option to return to the core ~ exist ~ merge ~ create, connecting to it.

This is how we alter our personal reality and find our stability.. when you get absorbed in the core, you are Still, you are the Source. This is what is termed also as Shiva in some traditions. Shakti, the animating principle when moves Shiva, the dance of Creation happens.

The Beingness is the state of Consciousness that we seek! Creation, when you get established in Beingness is fun as you are in the greater flow, beyond the mind and its patterns.

Merge with the Source, that Which You Are!

How to reach there, if at all you consider it as a journey? Self enquiry, inner work, focussing on the stillness.. paths are many.. hold the intention and be open. The right path that is meant for you, will open up. If you are able to relinquish the paths and Just Be, You are There!

Rejoice in the Source, Dear Beings.. This is the way to move into Pranic mode. Much Love!

Way to Enter Heart/Beingness!

When your mind is still, when there are no thoughts running around, you are with Your Source, the Core of your Being. It is the state of freedom, True Freedom!

The quick path to enter that state is to observe your mind, your thoughts, sitting in a comfortable meditative pose. 'Just observing' is the key, without following the thoughts. When you just observe, you shall see that you naturally come out of the grip of your mind. The frequency of the thoughts will reduce. You shall start observing the gaps between the thoughts. Then, you shall arrive at a state, where there is just stillness. It is in that state, the Consciousness rests in your Heart, Your Source!

This process can be quickened by doing work at subtle level like Kriya pranayama or even physical pranayama like alternative nostril breathing. Kriya pranayama or the practice of moving the prana inside the Sushumna is powerful practice to open you up, to free the consciousness, facilitating the movement of consciousness from Head to Heart. Fasting drastically helps in this process as it brings a proper alighnment of your subtle and physical body.

The entire process might be slow. Consistent effort is required and it is worth putting effort as it will transform your life, into a smooth flow. It is just shifting your Center from outer circle to the core.

Good luck with your Journey!