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About Me

Probably this is going to be something strange, for you to read.. Doesn't matter.. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of juice and read it as if you are reading a story, without analysing it. Give a rest to your analysing mind and feel the energy/information in it.

Okay, lets get it started... 😇

Usually when we take birth, what happens is, a soul/spirit essence or consciousness, starts to experience the physical reality through five sense perceptions. This birthing process usually involves forgetfulness of the state of existence before birth and the realities beyond the physical reality, that the consciousness would have experienced.

There seems to be another way for a soul/consciousness to take up a physical body and to start the experience of life. It is directly getting alighned with the physical body that is already in its adulthood or even infancy.

In my opinion, this way of coming into this dimensional reality (walking-into physical body) to experience life has some advantages. One retains some knowing in most cases of the state, before entering the body/physical dimension. Also starting with the adult body is advantageous, as it is possible to become independent of influencing family environment very soon.

I walked into the adult body that I hold now, as the previous inhabitant left (usually what is referred to as death). But it felt like, the entire exchange happened in a moment and I was aware of the process. The merkaba (if this term is entirely new to you, please do a simple google research) was spinning at a very high frequency and I was literally able to feel the spin. It happened during the day time and I was perfectly awake. I/we were actually showering at the moment. Thought the complete exchange happened in a moment, the integration had been gradual. Only when the previous inhabitant left completely and I became the sole inhabitant, I was able to feel the reality without the interference of another mind/being. It was only after that, I started having some intuitive knowing of what had happened. This exchange/walk-in happened on August 11th of 2019. But I had many journeys out of the body/dimension during March 1-15, which helped me understand the state of existence beyond this dimension. It does not feel like I have any previous incarnations. Right from the moment I started experiencing this reality, through this physical body, I have been in my heart.

I have all the memories of the previous inhabitant intact in me, which gives me a comparative feel of how the other being experienced reality, mostly from head and how I experience the reality, established in heart. For the past 10 years or so, before the actual exchange happened, the body was subjected to a lot of yogic practices that prepared/purified the body which was probably the reason, why the exchange was very smooth.

The functioning style (like walking, driving), speaking style, the way I relate with people, everything changed. I see the memory of the past inhabitant, without the emotional dramas that were attached to those experiences. The learnt skills from this dimension are intact, though they undergo slight changes.

For the essence that left, it had a strong knowing, an hour before it had to leave, that it has finished the mission and is time to leave. When I started to ground myself in the body, I realised that some aspect of the physical body is literally dying. This process of dying of some part of physical continued for upto a week, while building new was happening. It feels like, once the spirit/soul leaves, the part of the physical that it built dies, for it does not resonate with the frequency of the new soul. In my case, the integration has been gradual, and so the physical had been going through changes for some years, before the actual exchange happened (from the perspective of body).

Though what I have shared above is the version I understand it, to be, it can also be literally simplified to say, some transformation happened and I moved into heart.

In one way, it does not make much difference, what version I share or what version you are willing to take. It is finally the experience that matters. The experience of reality, in a state of Greater Connection, Being In Heart!

I just wanted to create this write up, just to give an idea.. I wont be focussing more on these experiences/concepts, for it might not be very helpful for others, rather I shall be focussing on ways and means through which one can move into Heart.

I had/have a desire to be here in this dimension, and I am here. Thats all I know. I have had the experience of experiencing myself without body as pure awareness before entering this body. Also, I had the experience of having some sort of Intelligent functioning, without any form and manifested reality. Thats what I call my Home frequency. From there, I wanted to be here and be of help here, and here I am. Helping others move into heart, out of their mental concepts, gives me Joy.