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Is there ONE Truth/One Reality?

Is there anything that can be called The Truth? There is No One Truth! Is there One Reality? There is no single reality that is common for all.

The experience of everyone is unique. No two people are going to face the same situation or place in the same way. Even when in a wonderful energetic portal, in a peaceful environment, if one is very much disconnected, will not be able to feel the magic of the place.

The perspective of life, or the way we deal with life is not going to be the same for two people. Why is there such a variation and each one is facing reality in such a unique way? That is the Uniqueness of this planet at the moment. It is possible for someone to hold a separation consciousness, with different mental programmes, or hold unity consciousness, beyond mental programmes. The mental programmes are again, so unique and the perspectives are so many.

If you want to shift your reality, you have to shift your state of consciousness (not speaking of a different mental program).…