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Entering The Heart - Part 2: Whole Being!

When the awareness shifts from Physical body to Subtle body and when you are constantly aware of the subtle body, it is a Shift In Consciousness, a shift Into Heart Consciousness. In that state, you feel the whole of Subtle body. In that stage, there might be still the experience of mind playing its role.. but it need not be purely due to the Personal Mind, but also the impact of the Food that you consume, people you interact with and the impact of the energy field that you are in. But in that stage, you shall know what You Are and what the impact of other substances and energy fields that impact you. You shall feel everything at an energetic level.

This is just one of the possible ways to experience Heart Consciousness. You might have also have got established in Heart (or get established), without feeling everything at subtle level.

How to Access The Subtle body? The mind has to made to feel at subtle level. For this, one has to work with breath awareness. Sit in a meditative pose and observe the flow of air through nostrils. Be aware of the touch sensation of the breath inside the nostrils, as the air moves in and out. Do not alter the flow of breath. Just be aware. If the mind drifts away, just get back to breath, when you realise, you have drifted away. Come back to breath again and again. Once you are established in the practice, make it a habit to keep the awareness in your breath, even when you are doing your day to day activities. Then, try to feel the sensations on the top of your skin, from top of your head to the toe. This will take you deeper into the subtle awareness. These sensations are part of the subtle body. When you start feeling the subtle sensations, whenever you sit for meditation, feel the sensations, from head to toe and from toe to head. At some point, you shall also be able to feel the whole of the subtle body at the same time.. Once you reach this state, be aware of the subtle body at all times. This gets You Established in Heart!

Usually a period of 15-30 days of working with the breath awareness, for 2 hours (in sitting meditation) a day (1 hour in morning and 1 hour evening) would take you into the feeling of subtle sensations all over the body. If you are not able to feel the subtle sensations, take more time to work with breath awareness. Just being aware of the breath itself will give wonderful results.

I recommend the Vipassana meditation, 10 day retreat of Goenka lineage. It shall help you get established in the Practice!