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Entering The Heart - Part 2: Whole Being!

When the awareness shifts from Physical body to Subtle body and when you are constantly aware of the subtle body, it is a Shift In Consciousness, a shift Into Heart Consciousness. In that state, you feel the whole of Subtle body. In that stage, there might be still the experience of mind playing its role.. but it need not be purely due to the Personal Mind, but also the impact of the Food that you consume, people you interact with and the impact of the energy field that you are in. But in that stage, you shall know what You Are and what the impact of other substances and energy fields that impact you. You shall feel everything at an energetic level.

This is just one of the possible ways to experience Heart Consciousness. You might have also have got established in Heart (or get established), without feeling everything at subtle level.

How to Access The Subtle body? The mind has to made to feel at subtle level. For this, one has to work with breath awareness. Sit in a meditative pose …

Spirit Expression In Form!

As a Spirit/Formless/Soul, when we express ourselves in form, in the third dimensional reality, there are two factors that contribute to our expression ways/mechanism ~ The Subtle Body and The Physical Body.

When the subtle body is altered through inner energy work, like Kriya yoga, vipassana, sun gazing, etc and when the physical is detoxed through practices like fasting and right food, the way we feel/express changes here ~ Our Reality Changes here.

Being mindful of the energy fields we are exposing ourselves to and the physical substances that are going into our system, we can make a conscious progress on the path of becoming subtle, that is towards Conscious Evolution!

Entering Heart - Part 1: Creation!

These series of posts on Entering Heart is going to cover different ways through which you could enter a greater flow, moving from Thinking Patterns to Resting In Heart and To Be With The Flow..

Creation is an important aspect of letting your creative aspect come into life. If you read a book or watch a movie, it is like receiving the mind/energy of the other person. When you write, sing, compose music, paint, sculpt, carve, etc.. it is allowing your creative aspect to come into Life.. That is when Your Spirit EXPRESSES.. When Your Spirit Expresses, it puts your thinking mind to rest. It brings you to the present Moment. This is one of the simplest ways to Enter the Heart and Be In The Present!